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Anchor your message, scale your services, and transform thousands of lives with your first ebook!


If you are ready to grow your newsletter list...

If you need to generate more leads and bring in more income...

If you have a desire to leave your mark on this world...

Your clients need to hear your story!

The world has changed. 

Nothing is quite the same. 

But for many of you business is as usual? 

Or is it?

I have been working with industry leaders, coaches, change-makers for a long time on anchoring their message and positioning themselves as powerful authorities in their niche.

This is vital and important for a thriving and long-lasting online business.

However, time is of the essence right now and many of us don’t have 90 days to write out your book and make your mark. (yes, it’s true, your novel can be done in 90 days or less- if you want to find out more about this click here)

What you can do though, right now, is build your tribe, nurture your audience, and build long-lasting relationships that will convert your business to a need, not a want. 


There is so much happening online right now the best way to stand out is to show up with purpose and with a message.  


The full program includes:

This 6-week online series will guide you in:

  • Identifying your audience.

  • Clarifying your message. 

  • Writing a powerful e-book that will act as your lead magnet.

I will guide you step by step to create a powerful, enrolling, juicy ebook that will magnetize your dream clients to you.  No more guessing or trying to figure it out on your own.

It’s multi-purposeful as it works to not only connect you to those who need you most “your future clients” but also to build your presence online, make an impact, and create more abundance by attracting your Soulmate Clients.


Grab Your Spot

Early Bird Offer $697

One Time


Weekly Online Group Classes

6 Classes via ZOOM with Sandra 


LIVE Q &A at the end of each class. 

(Value: $2,500)

Worksheets and Exercises

(Value: $1,000) 

Bonus: eBook Design Workshop

Total Value: $3,500



Weekly Online Group Classes

6 Classes via ZOOM with Sandra 


LIVE Q &A at the end of each class. 

(Value: $2,500)

Worksheets and Exercises

(Value: $1,000) 

Bonus: eBook Design Workshop

Total Value: $3,500

The Diamond


Full Program plus... 

(Value: $3,500)

  • A kick off Private session with Sandra 

(Value: $500)

  • Access to my inner sanctum meditations

(Value: $666)

  • Copy (print) of my book 

Bonus Workshop: How to Market Your eBook to your ideal customer

(Value: $1,500)

Total Value: $6,266.

Grab Your Spot

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Lisane Lapointe

Through her meditation technique, Sandra offers a valuable tool for people to access their own Truth. It is flexible in its ability to help in any area of one’s life, requiring only her line of questioning to be adjusted to meet a client’s need. The result of her process is deep and rich insights.


Robert De Liefde

Sandra brings a clear and innovative structure. She has noticeable life experience, a nonjudgemental approach. She is caring and keeps you to the process. Through the writing exercise she guided me on a 180 degrees opposite perspective and that is where I found freedom from this life story."

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