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Coaches, Consultants, Creators,
Experts and Healer


Anchor your message, scale your services,
and transform thousands of lives with
your first ebook!

If you are ready to grow your newsletter list...

If you need to generate more leads and bring in more income...

Then it's time you share your story.


That next level of mastery is calling you, and it's asking you to step deeper into your service than ever before

you know it, I know it, 

And now, it's time to do something about it.

If you have a desire to leave your mark on this world...
If you have hope to spread, healing to awaken, and transformation to usher forth...
If you know—deep in your bones—that you're on this earth for a reason...
We need YOU to share your story!


In digital marketing, no other piece of prospect information is as coveted as the email address. 


With an email address…

You aren't bound to the ever-changing rules of a social media platform


You're able to speak DIRECTLY to your people


And you can begin the ever-important nurturing process—transforming casual consumers into devoted clientele!


Now, while anyone can ask for an email address, it doesn't mean you'll always get it. Especially if you aren't providing any incentive for them to hand it over...

So, the real question becomes: how can you convince them to give it up?


The answer: an eBook.


A masterful lead magnet that collects email addresses, demonstrates your cutting-edge wisdom, and builds

a loyal following! 

Compared to webinars or other commonly used lead magnets eBooks have high conversion rates.

A top-of-funnel, forward-thinking eBook converts at 60-70% during the first six months of launch! 

An eBook is an expertly-crafted container to anchor your expertise. It's a carved-out space made just for you to share your personal stories, heart, and messaging so you can connect with your audience on a deeper, more meaningful, and human level.


What an eBook Can Do for You… 

Raise Your Authority 


Grow Your Email List


Help Position You as a Thought Leader in Your Industry


Boost Your Brand Credibility and Nurture Brand Loyalty


Capture New Prospects to Generate New Sales… and so much more!

With this program as your guide, you'll create your very own, expert-level eBook—a container where you can share your heart and grow your business! 

[I'll let you in on a little secret: in the past, it used to take upwards of 90 days to create a master-level, top-notch, industry-leading eBook. But now, you can create your impactful message in HALF that time!

Yes, really… all of this can be done in only 4 weeks!]



The world has changed. 

Nothing is quite the same and 

business is not “as usual”.

I've been working with industry leaders, coaches, and change-makers for years on anchoring their message and positioning themselves as powerful authorities in their niche.

This is a vital and important time to establish a thriving and long-lasting online business.


In this “new normal” way of life, more businesses have made the digital world their home. And with so much happening online right now, the best way to stand out is to show up with a strong purpose and a clear message. 


Let's nurture your audience and build long-lasting relationships that will convert your business to a need—not a want.


This is YOUR time !


This Full 4-Week Program Includes…

  • 4 Weeks with 4 guided Live classes

  • Identifying your audience

  • Clarifying your message

  • Writing a powerful e-book that will act as your lead magnet

Inside this revolutionary 4-week program, you'll be guided step-by-step to create your very own eBook to grow your audience and magnetize those dream clients! 


No more guessing or trying to figure it out on your own...


Your eBook will not only connect you to those who need you most, but it'll also magnify your online presence, help you make a bigger impact, and turn those leads into clients!


Total Value $1,800 in Value • Your investment only $297

(that's an over 80% discount!)



4 Live Guided Classes with Sandra

Learn how to identify your true audience, clarify your core message, and how to take all of that to create a powerful Book that will act as your prime lead magnet! Plus, you'll discover industry tips, tricks, and secrets to writing an enrolling eBook that will magnetize your dream clients to you.

Value: $1,500



Customized Copy Editing Tips

Discover how to rework and refine your content so it engages your readers like never before!

Value: $150



Professional eBook Design Class

Learn how to create gorgeous, professional graphics to make your eBook a stunning experience!

Value: $150

Grab Your Spot

Lisane Lapointe

Through her meditation technique, Sandra offers a valuable tool for people to access their own Truth. It is flexible in its ability to help in any area of one’s life, requiring only her line of questioning to be adjusted to meet a client’s need. The result of her process is deep and rich insights.


Robert De Liefde

Sandra brings a clear and innovative structure. She has noticeable life experience, a nonjudgemental approach. She is caring and keeps you to the process. Through the writing exercise she guided me on a 180 degrees opposite perspective and that is where I found freedom from this life story."

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